Electrical Installations

As professional contractors we are fully licensed and qualified to carry out electrical installations in accordance to the Electricity Supply Regulations to ensure a safe handover and reliable end product to the customer. With our broad experience within this sector we have the knowledge to carry out electrical installations with today's modern applications involving Automation Systems, Intelligent Lighting, Airconditioning and Building management systems as well as energy efficient systems such as Solar Water heating and Photovoltaic Systems. We emphasize on reliability and safety and this is why we utilise warranted Electrical Engineers to carry out technical analysis on our projects and certify our installations.


  • Can I nominate you all somewhere for a service responsiveness award?. From a totally devoted customer and fan, THANKS!

    Joe Borg

  • In all the years I've dealt with you, you have NEVER failed to respond promptly and stick with me until the issue was resolved. From a totally devoted customer and fan, THANKS!

    Charlene Gatt
    Springbox Media

  • Just wanted to say how delighted I am with the new electrical lightning in my living room. Your advice is helping me to choose the correct items.


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